A few of our families would like to share their experiences with you. Check out our testimonials below.

Your passion and enthusiasm were so clear from our first meeting…our son has been in total admiration and awe from day one. Your lockdown calls helped pick him up and your teaching and care helped him fall in love with school and just blossom! I hope his school spark continues.


How can we ever thank you enough for all that you have done for both of our girls? We feel so incredibly blessed to have had you in our lives…you are an extraordinary teacher with so much compassion…you inspire and ignite ‘little sparks’ and give them the very best start…my girls will always remember you…you made them feel safe, valued and capable. The building blocks and roots that are formed in the early years are so very important. They have had so much fun!! You created a calm and magical environment.


Our family will be eternally grateful to you for giving our little girl a ‘normal’ experience. I don’t think anybody realises the massive amount of extra work put in behind the scenes to make her safe and included. You laid the foundations for the confident and inquisitive little person we have today. We wish you all the best for your new pre-school. You did what everybody said was impossible!


Nothing was too much to ask. You are very much one of the reasons my children both love to learn because they went from my lap to you and you are kind, gentle, generous with your love and an excellent teacher. Thank you for all that you have done for my children and so many others.


You should be very proud of the EYFS you have built and your dogged determination to fight for what is right for the children in your care!


“We’ve been so lucky to have you guiding our daughter through her first steps. Your smile, positive energy, sense of humour and great approach have been priceless!”


“Thank you for being our rainbow when the sky has not always been clear. You’ve been amazing!”


Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family…supporting us unconditionally. Your fire, passion and love has carried us through these difficult times.


The strengths of the nursery are the qualified staff who have a passion for early years education. There are excellent outdoor facilities and the setting is unrivalled in the area! My son has made so many friends and his language has exploded! He has learned to be kind and caring (kind hands). Such a friendly, warm, loving environment for little ones to learn and grow. The strong focus on the outdoors will certainly be something to remember! Very sad to be leaving.


The memories and lessons you have given my son will last a lifetime. He misses seeing you and will always remember you.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you did for my son…He came on so much in EYFS and this is really appreciated. I was worried about him starting nursery, but you and your team were so helpful and accommodating with him and his speech and language needs…He has come on so far and we are so proud. He still adores reading…